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Our commission rates are the lowest we have offered.

Peter Neville has worked within the real estate industry for over 30 years. Starting out in sales, he has worked his way up through the ranks to include top level management, real estate training, industry compliance and auctioneering, making him one of the most qualified and experienced agents in the district.

He brings a wealth of experience to not only residential, but also rural/lifestyle property sales. Peter’s knowledge and extensive training extends to various marketing initiatives to help sell your property.

Peter is a fully licensed Real Estate and Stock and Station Agent, and also a fully accredited Auctioneer for both property and livestock.

The wide use of both electronic and social media in the real estate industry has significantly reduced the need to maintain and staff an office in the CBD area. Most contact with buyers and sellers is now via the various media platforms such as Domain, and print media. The savings that come from not having a CBD office front and the high costs that are associated within, have made it possible for Peter to offer you the lowest commissions we have offered.

Peter Neville Real Estate is now able to pass the savings on to you, the seller.

Simply put, we’ve cut operating costs  –  so you, the seller, reap the rewards. You save thousands of dollars, at the same time dealing with a highly respected, extensively trained and knowledgeable agent with over 30 years experience.

What will you do with the savings?

Take a holiday?

Pay the school fees?

Pay the moving costs?

…the choice is yours.

Planning to sell your property?

Call Peter now